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Do you supply your own cleaning chemicals and tools?
Yes, all supplies and tools, including vacuum(s), are provided by Deep Sea Cleaning. We have tested our products for quality purposes and ensure that all employees know how to use and dispose of said cleaners and tools properly.

Note: If you would like a particular cleaning product used in your home, all we ask is that you notify us before your scheduled date of service, so we can make arrangements to add said product to our cleaning supplies and routine.

What is your policy regarding house keys and security of those keys?
Please be assured that the utmost care is taken regarding the protection of your key and home identity. All client keys that are provided to Deep Sea Cleaning are left unmarked and do not have names or street addresses attached to them.

Note: If you decide not to issue a key to us and are unable to be present during your scheduled time of service, you may choose to leave a door unlocked or place a spare key in a secure place so that we may access your property. However, doing so, relinquishes Deep Sea Cleaning of all liability that may arise from leaving your key unattended, such as, theft of property or lost keys.

Can I give you an alarm code or access code?
Yes, absolutely! If your home has a security system or keyless entry, please feel free to provide us with a code so that we can access your home for times of scheduled services only.

Note: You can have a custom code created specifically for Deep Sea Cleaning by contacting your security or keyless provider.

Are you pet friendly?
Of course! So much so, that we will want to know your pet(s) by name and give treats with your permission! However, we ask, that if your pet is afraid of vacuums, territorial, or overly friendly, that they be placed in an area that we do not have access to during your scheduled time of service.

Note: If requested, our employees will let your pet outside in a designated area so that he or she can relieve themselves.

What are your hours of operation?
We are open 7 days a week, from 9am-5pm unless it is a holiday.

How can I contact you to ask questions or to book services? Can I call after hours?
Please feel free to contact us at any time by phone: 843-276-1462 
Or email:

Note: If you contact us after hours and we do not respond, please feel free to leave us a voicemail with your information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Do you offer emergency cleanings?
Yes, we offer emergency cleanings after hours for clients only.

Do I need to cleanup before you arrive?
No! Please do not fuss over cleaning up before our arrival. We are here to help out and you hired us so that you could enjoy the luxury of not only having a clean home but having more free time!

Can I schedule a deep cleaning on the weekend?

You may schedule a deep clean, move in/move out clean, beach rental, AIRBNB, or VRBO cleaning whenever you like, so long as we have an opening for that day.

Are you closed for holidays?
Yes, here at Deep Sea Cleaning we find that it is important for our employees to enjoy spending as much time with friends and family as possible, especially during the holiday season. Therefore, we observe the following holidays:

Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
New Year’s Day

Note: That if your scheduled service lands on a holiday, it will be rescheduled either before or after the observed holiday on a day that works best for you!

Do you have insurance? What about injuries or damages?
Yes, all employees of Deep Sea Cleaning are full time employees and are not hired as independent contractors. Therefore, any injuries or damages that occur on your property will be covered through our insurance company, NEXT Insurance. If you would like more information regarding our insurance coverage or proof of said coverage, do not hesitate to contact us!

Note: Accidents can happen! If any employee of Deep Sea Cleaning is responsible for non, pre-existing damages that occur to your property or personal items, you will be immediately notified. In addition, any damage that occurs will be rectified through repair, replacement, or monetary means within 72 hours.

What forms of payment do you accept? And do you have a payment policy?
The following methods are approved for payment: credit cards, check, Venmo, or cash.

If you do not see a form of payment that you prefer, please let us know, we are more than happy to accommodate other payment methods!

Our payment policy is as follows:

There is a 3.5% credit card fee and your credit card will be required to be on file. Moreover, payment is due the day of your scheduled service. If payment is not rendered on or before your scheduled date of service, then your property will be removed from the schedule for that day and you will be invoiced a $30 nonrefundable fee for the inconvenience.

What about canceling or skipping a clean? What are your policies?
Please understand, that your scheduled date of service and time is a reserved spot given to you by Deep Sea Cleaning. Our employees depend on the hours that are provided to them and cancellations, lock outs, or skipped services cost them dearly. Therefore, the following policies and fees have been implemented:

Cancellations must be communicated through phone or email 48 hours (2 business days) in advance in order to prevent a $30 nonrefundable fee. If you do not cancel 48 hours in advance, you will be invoiced 50% of the scheduled service fee for the inconvenience.

Lastly, in regard to skipped or missed cleanings, if you skip a scheduled recurring cleaning, you will be charged 1.5 times your normal rate on the next scheduled cleaning. For example, if your service fee is $150 biweekly and you skip a cleaning, your next cleaning will be 150(1.5) and will equate to $225. Moreover, if skipping becomes habitual, Deep Sea Cleaning reserves the right to cancel future services.

Please note, Deep Sea Cleaning allows a maximum of 5 skipped cleanings each calendar year for weekly or biweekly services. Skipped cleanings are not allowed for monthly services due to the amount of time in between each cleaning.

Do you offer biohazard cleanup?
No. All of our employees here at Deep Sea Cleaning have been thoroughly trained to clean and properly dispose of day to day dirt, grime, bodily fluids or contaminants; however, vomit and copious amounts of blood or other fluids are considered biohazards and we cannot clean it up.

Note: If there was an accident or incident that involved said bodily fluids, we ask, that you personally clean it up prior to your scheduled time of service.

Can I leave a tip?
Yes! Please know that tips are never expected but always appreciated! You may add a tip to your form of payment or leave cash in a marked envelope on your scheduled date of service.

Note: Tips that are not cash and that are paid directly to Deep Sea Cleaning will be dispersed on paychecks to the proper employees.